Even though the Krypto Lite is a pretty wide ski with fantastic powder features, it feels nimble and quick with a surprisingly good edge hold on harder snow.

  • Reflection Applied Concept (RAC)
  • Deep Rocker
  • Potent Full Birch wood core absorbs vibrations
  • Sandwich construction for rebound and energy
  • Slanted ABS sidewalls to reduce swingweight while providing solid edge grip
  • UHMW Sintered base with CAD controlled stone grind
  • Pre-waxed and completely flat sole
  • Sharp edges ready to shred

Klint's Deep Rocker profile combined with the special damped Birch wood core, provides a responsive, stable and playful ride. Krypto Lite adopts to skiers of all levels, but the more energy you put into your skiing, the more respons and feedback you will receive in return. For 2018 the weight has been reduced, while maintaining the well known KLINT skis performance.

Length — Dimensions — Radius
173 cm — 126/105/120 — 25 m
180 cm — 132/109/125 — 26 m
187 cm — 137/114/130 — 27 m


Demosukset löytyy 187 cm pituisina, Kingpin -rando siteillä.

Valitse variaatio:

549,00 €